The Arts

The Arts of ALLA


The Arts of ALLA is an educational and motivational program offered to elementary, middle and high school students in Birmingham City and Jefferson County school systems. This program entails demonstrating the arts via comedy and spoken word. The subjects include Drug Awareness, Importance of Education, Bullying prevention, Financial Literacy, Short and Long-term goal setting and Family stability.

The benefits of the Arts of ALLA includes: teaching students a new way to express themselves, develop problem-solving skills which leads to character development. Research shows that students engaged in any form of art education do better on standardize tests and improved their social skills.

Founder and CEO, Sonya Mitchell, is a Poet and public speaker. In her spoken word presentations, she provides knowledge and thought provoking information to her audiences. Sonya’s 0pp; engagement with the students leaves them with life changing ideas. 

Founder and CFO, Carla Youngblood, is a Stand-up Comedienne. She performs comedy throughout the United States. Carla brings humor about life situations to the students showing them that laughter, especially at one's self, is not a bad thing. Her performance motivates and encourages students to set and achieve life goals.


Comic Relief


Focusing on survivorship throughout the state of Alabama, Carla is hosting comic relief shows. She is partnering with  other 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations that provide services to breast cancer survivors to deliver laughter.

Also, Carla is working with city and county municipalities to coordinate comic relief shows at no cost or at discounted rates  for survivors and their families. 

The ultimate goal is to provide a VIP experience to include music, food and comic relief using laughter as medicine to add value to their lives.